To My Guardian Angel…

Its been 5 years.

But the hurt does’nt get any better.

But knowing you’re here, makes all the difference.

Yesterday, I saw 2 lady bugs. …

Walking to the bus to go to work, on a miserable Monday at 3pm for a closing shift, for a job I absolutely hate. Ive never taken a bus before and my anxiety levels were through the roof.  On the guard rail about a mile down the road from my apartment, were 2 Lady Bugs.

You always told me that when you left me, you’d send me lady bugs to show me everything would be okay…

Dear Angel,

I know you’ve seen me struggle everyday lately. Its hard because I can no longer pick up the phone and call you, or ride my bike to your house. Its been the hardest 5 years of my life. Losing you, was like losing a limb; although possible, Its a lot harder to function without it.

Thank you. Seeing those 2 Magnificent creatures made me realize that I can do ANYTHING,and YOU taught me that. You taught me to be tough, and never give up. Thank you for reminding me. I really needed that.

Good things are now coming. Things are changing for the best. and i cant help but to thank you for it all. You were there since i was born, and you’ve never left my side.

And I pray everyday, that I can be half the woman you were.

But until we meet again, I love you. Infinity.




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