Why My Anxious Cat is My BFF… And Why You Should Consider Adopting…

The day we found Scotty…

We looked all over. We were really looking for a kitten. But the second you came to the cage and picked us out we knew it could be you. Coming right up to the cage, getting our attention and from then on we knew you were the one. Being in a shelter where no one was working at the moment. (Wayward Paws through Petco) We called a woman about how interested we were in you, and she was shocked.

Scottys’ Story…

C8CxRIMX0AA1fPc.jpg large
He loves to lay on my lap while im online. Hes so supportive.

Scotty was an ‘unwanted’ cat.

Wayward Paws found our little 3 Year old boy, abandoned somewhere along Rt. 20 In upstate NY, during a rainstorm. When they found the little guy, they thought he wasn’t going to make it.  But he did, and I pray to god everyday to thank him for letting him come to me.

Scotty was adopted once before. The woman brought him back because at first, he was shy. He wasn’t friendly. He didn’t bite nor hiss, but he was terrified of his new home.

It took us a while. He was under a lot of stress. He had stomach issues, He had a hard time getting to the litter box to go number 2, the poor cat couldn’t catch a break.

Scotty was a ‘difficult’ cat…

Scotty, along with the rest of us, is very unique. He has anxiety, PTSD, and many other real disorders, making it hard for one to connect with their animal. Not me. Because you see, him and I? We have more in common than you’d think.

Scotty became my best friend…

Not that any other kitten wouldn’t have eventually. But Scotty and I both have baggage. We both face anxiety troubles and together were figuring them out. He knows when I’m upset, he knows when I’m anxious. And when i get so anxious I throw up, hes outside the bathroom door waiting to make sure I’m okay.

Ya see, the thing about shelter cats is that they will genuinely love you. Because you saved their life.

Scotty wont bite nor scratch. He just loves. Weirdly enough, he motivates me. To him, Im all hes got. Although hes not a child (not a human one anyway) I took him in to give him the best life he can have. Hes only a part of my life for one day he will leave the earth before I. But his first three years were rough, lets make the rest of his life happier than ever. Because even though hes not ‘Human,’ hes my best friend.






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