To the Little Girl Who’s Thinking About Playing Softball…

I know its scary at first. But let me explain why it’ll be the best decision you make…

You’ll find it to be a passion…

The day I started softball, Ill never forget. I wasn’t good. I couldn’t catch a ball or throw one at that, and betting? Forget it! But before i knew it i was working daily to become a better player.

You’re going to make so many friends…

You may start off as a stranger to these other girls but by the end of the first summer, they’re going to be your best friends. These are going to be some of the best friends you’ll have. Going on road trips, catching pizza after games and of course, the pool parties.  I started at 10. Now at 22,  I’m still playing with the same great girls. My best friends.

You wont even realize how much work it is…

Youre gonna be waking up at 6am for weekend tournaments. You’re going to have to practice and ractice to get your swing just right. But i promise as soon as you do, it’ll be worth it. All the practice will feel more like hanging out with your friends. Soo its never really work, its all play.

The Love…

The love you’ll develop for the game is insatiable. Even the lost games and the scraped knees. Brag about the scars from that slide into home and the dirt stains from your catch in center. I’ll be your life. I Promise.

Do it while you can…

Because one day, it’ll end. And Its going to hurt. You’re going to feel like a part of you is missing. You’re going to miss the grass stains, and the early mornings, and the under the lights games. The corny cheers will all be a distant memory.

So for now, play your heart out. Every swing counts. Make them memorable.


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